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Art creates new realities or is the result of a clash with reality. Dual is the result of one of these collisions. 


From afar, we perceived a heightened escalation of violence that continues eroding the fabric of the nation. Tradition brutally assaulted by aggression. Dual is the result of these realities that take place, nonsensically, simultaneously. 



Dual is joy and reflection. A representation of an overwhelming reality in which laughter is no longer enough to endure its burden.


Dual is an ephemeral celebration and a permanent protest. 


We developed colorways that captured our somber and our hopeful thoughts.  

Dual Hueso (White Vinyl) - Open Edition

Dual Fondo de Fosa (Black Vinyl) - Open Edition

Dual Rosa Mexicano (Pink Vinyl) - Limited Edition of 50

Dual Cempasúchil (Orange Vinyl) - Limited Edition of 50

Dual Papel Picado (Purple Vinyl) - Ultra Limited Edition of 25

Dual Sangre (Red Vinyl) - Exclusive US Edition of 25

Dual Gris CDMX (Gray Vinyl) - Exclusive Monkey Paw Edition of 25

Dual Buque Exclusive Mexico Edition - Exclusive Ultra Rare Edition of 5

Dual Buque Exclusive US Edition - Exclusive Ultra Rare Edition of 5


@Squash73 opened their doors to us on Day of the Dead to temporarily house the talent of more than 60 artists that gave life to Dual. The After Five community continues growing and creating one of a kind pieces that we share in memorable gatherings. 


We put together a paper cut day of the dead altar with an oversized version of Dual, which captured our contrasting feelings. 


We love creating, so we continue thinking of opportunities to bring our concepts to life through physical objects.