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Baby Bapho


For years we have had conversations around prejudice and people's irrational tendency to reject ideas they don't comprehend. Constant intransigence episodes surrounded the studio launch, which kept us pondering people's unwillingness to accept concepts outside their mindsets. 


After finalizing a couple of fun commercial projects, we were ready to develop the studio's first original project. We thought that our friend @dasrodo 's depiction of Baphomet was the ideal representation of how a concept can become approachable, acceptable, and even liked when depicted differently. 



Baby Bapho morphed from an illustration to a resin figure that represents our playful rebellion against intolerance and our stance that self-governance trumps moralistic social constructs.

  • Super Evil Black (Black Resin Toy) - Open Edition 

  • Blood Red Moon (Red Resin Toy) - Limited Edition (20 Units)

  • Shinier Than Thou (Sofubi Resin Toy) - Limited Edition (20 Units)

  • 666 Burning Sage (Red & Black Resin Toy) - Ultra Limited Edition (6 units)

  • 666 Lamprocampnos Spectabili (Pink Resin Toy) - Ultra Limited Edition (6 units)

  • 666 Stinging Nettle (Teal Resin Toy) - Ultra Limited Edition (6 units)


Collaboration is paramount to everything we do, so to celebrate this launch, we created a commemorative piece that was intervened by more than 20 artists who shared their vision and art with us at a one-night-only event we held at @Squash73. 


Baphomet sat at his throne in a life-sized altar we want to take around the world eventually. 


Besides producing products as a profession, we have been avid collectors for years, so a product extension accompanying the launch was a natural step.  

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