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rallon | Ivan Aguirre

I am rallon, designer and visual communicator by UNAM college, focused on designing characters immersed in illustrations that tell stories. In my free time I model figurines and from time to time I do animations.


Souls Crematorium | Arturo Vargas Robles

Arturo Vargas Robles (born 1981 in Toluca, Mexico) is a Mexican musician, Advertising Art Director and album cover artist for bands in the metal scene worldwide.


Lizz Merino

Mexican illustrator specialized in editorial, book covers, magazines, children illustration.


Lisa Kwon

My background is in graphic design and photography, while music, martial arts, and drawing are other passions I have that keep life in balance. By day, I work as a production artist in the retail display industry. After hours, I enjoy exploring and exercising new ideas through whatever mediums spark motivation in the day, which are usually inspired by the idea of planting a seed and sparking a recognizable narrative to be personally discovered by a viewer. I enjoy playing in all mediums as a tool for these discoveries.    


Lalo Towrz | Eduardo Torres

I am Eduardo Torres. I am 28 years old, am an illustrator and graphic designer. Since I was a kid, I liked to draw and color; I could spend whole afternoons doing it, so I decided to continue that path.


The Art of Aleck | Fernando Perez

Fernando Pérez (ALECK) is a Mexican freelancer illustrator with 5 years of professional experience. His work is focused on children's illustration, fantasy stories, concept art, and art toy customization. He has participated in multiple exhibits as B:oot's Show your Power, Alter Ego, Gama and B:oost, the XXVIII international poster biennial of Veracruz, Warner's Long live the bat, and Make a Wish, to mention a few. He currently works as an author and illustrator for different international projects.


Jesus Paredes

Creative Director in advertising and visual artist focused on photography and intervening it. An empiricist, I never took formal classes except for some children's courses from 8 to 15 years old at the Anthropology Museum. I started doing street murals during my adolescence and urban photography inspired by Daido Moriyama. I have always had a penchant for otherness, that which is not "aesthetic" and I began to incorporate occult themes into my visual work with unconventional models, moving from black and white to recent use of color.

I have exhibited in independent galleries and street exhibitions. On the advertising side, for several years, I have been leading campaigns for brands such as Adidas and Huawei and won the Cannes Lions festival in 2017. Today, I continue to combine advertising with art.


Labreens | Breen Ruíz

Mexican, born in the 90's. A graphic designer by trade specialized in digital and traditional illustration. A spicy food, cartoons, music, and dogs lover. She has worked for corporations and marketing agencies and currently has her own design and illustration studio. She invests most of her time painting, drawing, and designing, always trying to experiment with new techniques and styles and looking for inspiration sources: meeting new people, cultures, places, and music.


El Diablo está en los pixeles

Born in 2014, this project seeks to show horror in its minimum expression. What is the least number of pixels with which the dark corners of the universe can be portrayed? To terrify the human soul? To bewitch a mind? The devil manifests himself in multiple ways...



I have a bachelor’s degree in Design and visual communication, and I have worked on marketing and packaging design, but my passion has always been illustration and that is what I do fulltime these days. 

I find inspiration for my illustrations in daily life, the people that surrounds me, or the things I see, hear, or feel. I like magic, nature, adventure and peace, a lot. 


Hungry Sketches | Carolina Zuñiga

I am a 25-year-old freelance artist who focuses on traditional illustration techniques, I have approximately 4 years of professional experience and the vast majority of my artwork have the intention of transmitting mainly emotions of joy and well-being. 

I seek to create a space in which we can go when reality rushes us, a space that makes us feel good and identified in a positive way, mixing everyday scenarios with fantasy and science fiction.


Ian Shen

Toy designer by trade, illustrator by heart, thank goodness sometimes they correlate. : )


Jimena Peluche

Chilanga to her core. She works as an art director developing digital projects, apps, toys, and products for global clients. Outside her 9 to 5 job, she does freelance work designing packaging, assigning colors, and creating decos for different collectible toy lines. At night, she develops her line of textile dolls. She is a fan of plush and anything kawaii related.


Atrapaluz | Adan Days

Mexican illustrator, animator, and storyteller. He has directed two animated short films that have been selected for more than 10 national and international animation festivals throughout his short career.

He has published a comic and has more than ten personal artistic projects. He has developed storyboards and commercial illustrations for companies like Google, Ford, Cerverceria Modelo, Juanfutbol, and NFL Mexico, etcetera.


He currently directs his creative brand, "Atrapaluz."



Maríamarilla is a designer from the metropolitan area of Mexico City whose primary focus is calligraphy and children's illustrations. In her incipient professional career, she has worked on editorial design and illustration of books and developed graphic proposals for the music industry.


Fan of photography and fantasy literature, her work references nature, the sea, cosmogony myths, and classic Mexican culture elements. You can currently find her generating content for the digital magazine Vagabundos MX and developing illustrations for emerging music bands.


Pisi Pop

Pisi Pop is an artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur based in Coacalco, State of Mexico, and holds a bachelor's in industrial design. Her professional experience includes art and mural painting and the intervention of multiple spaces for different projects. As an artist and illustrator, her graphic style is influenced by pop art and her perception of the universe. She transmits emotions, passions, and feelings of the human condition and her reflections on current events.


Miroslava Cardamomo | Irina

Miroslava Cardamomo (CDMX, 1991) is a creator who has explored artistic creation from different areas with a common axis: the importance of telling a story that shows the reality that we do not always dare to see. She has worked as an illustrator, visual artist, art and costume director in film and audiovisual projects, writer, etc. The creation in her projects starts from the impulse and the spontaneous, letting herself be carried away by the image that comes to the mind to reveal the abstract, make it come true, and display those figures that the sight distorts in its desire to build assumed normality.

Thus, by representing what could be grotesque but is rather natural and evaded, she builds an imaginary that seeks to show all that inhabits the most ignored corners of our interior: the repression of the monstrous, the habitual of the terrible.



I like to make illustrations and stories with trash, tape and weird textures.


Eddkha | Eduardo Camaz

Hi, I'm Eddkha! I am 30 years old and was born in Mexico City and currently live in Mexico State. Three years ago, I began my career as a self-taught illustrator and art toy customizer. I am influenced by my cultural roots, manga, cartoons, films, and music. I am a fanatic of adding tons of colors to things.


I have had the opportunity to exhibit twice at MUMEDI (Mexico City), at streamsart gallery (Beijing) and have collaborated with the Palermo College (Argentina).


Larenn Syanne | Lorena Velasco Terán 

Illustrator, sculptor and fashion designer known in the artistic circle as LARENN. 


Once Cincuenta y Cinco 

I am Once Cincuenta y Cinco, a proudly Bogotan Illustrator, graduated as a graphic designer in Bogota Colombia, with a partial degree in Visual Arts. I am a curious, active and artistic woman, my life revolves around art, and I draw inspiration from it to create my drawings.

My art is inspired by what I feel daily whether it is dealing with my mood or capturing what I think of the current world and what is happening in it, with very colorful and expressive illustrations.


Rodo López

Arturo Vargas Robles (born 1981 in Toluca, Mexico) is a Mexican musician, Advertising Art Director and album cover artist for bands in the metal scene worldwide.


Jaque Jours | Jaque Díaz de León R.

Jaque Jours holds a bachelor's in Interior Architecture from CENTRO. She currently works as a freelance illustrator while obtaining her masters in Literary Creation and Appreciation from Casa Lamm. Her experience as an illustrator has taken her to develop independent projects as: "Great Women" and "Tiny Windows", which was exhibited at the show "Merkdearte - Artistas con-sentido y causa".


El de los memes tristes

From Tultitlan, Mexico. He began doing street art (propaganda and stickers) when he was 16. Later on, he began to draw graffiti and then combined both disciplines. Inspired by 60's cartoons and nature, he creates characters in a fantastic world. He has participated in collective exhibits and collaborated for years with the art gallery and collective Bodet. He has also developed children's posters for a radio station in Chicago and illustrated La Prensa newspaper's "calaveritas" and has won Ilegal Squad's national illustration contest. 



Hi I’m Sydney, I’m a young artist out of the Chicago area. I enjoy creating whimsical and fun animations. You can find me on TikTok and Instagram under ur_toes_r_uggy


Mr. Mitote

Mr. Mitote is a graphic designer by trade and a sculptor, artist and illustrator by calling. Self-taught character modeler, he has become one of the most acclaimed toy artists worldwide. His work has taken him to represent Mexico, his native country, on several individual and collective exhibits around the world, and his interest and curiosity for the arts have allowed him to experiment with different materials and techniques customizing designer toys and collaborations with brands like Swatch and Kidrobot.


Anton Fros

My name is Anton Fros and I am a Russian artist.

From an early age I started painting and I always knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to this. Graffiti has had a great influence on me and my style. Most of my work revolves around the representation of words and letters. My style can be called "geometric typography". It is not traditional calligraphy, I am always looking to create more and new forms. I like to develop unique patterns with letters and I usually work in Cyrillic.

My goal is to show everyone the peculiarity of my style.


Danny Canto

He has a degree in Design and Visual Communication from FES Cuautitlan (UNAM). Passionate about drawing, caricature, graphic novel, illustration, editorial design, cultural projects and even fashion. In February of that year, he obtained honorable mention in a poster contest organized by the PGR. In September 2018, he won the contest for the design of the official image of the series “Miradas al Cinema Sueco Contemporáneo”, a contest organized by the UNAM Film Library, the Ingmar Bergman Lecture, the Swedish Embassy and UNAM.


Since 2017 he collaborates on with the renowned Mexican cartoonist José Luis Diego Hernández Ocampo (Trizas), where he publishes weekly cartoons or comic strips, in addition to working as a designer, illustrator and even photographer.


Brandon Perl

Brandon Perl is a multi-disciplined artist, designer, and educator based out of Chicago, Illinois. He received his B.S. from Illinois State University in Glass Blowing and a Master Degree in Art Education from DePaul University. Brandon’s work is predominantly two-dimensional: Painting, drawing, collage, decoupage, and graphic design.

Much of his process is intuitive. Each choice and alteration made to the surface impacts how he moves forward. Color is an important aspect of Brandon’s work and his knowledge and intricate use of color theory are exemplified within his works. Brandon’s goal as an artist is to continue to create, inspire, and collaborate with people around him. 


Alexia Moca

Industrial designer passionate about collectible toy design. Self-taught and always looking to learn different techniques to apply. While in college she discovered toy design and art toys, immersing herself in a new world that combines her fascination for miniature details and art.

Throughout 2020 she has dedicated herself to improve by customizing different art toy platforms and participating in various exhibitions, thus being able to open up to the world of collectible toys.


Lxs Gordis 

Mexican and self-thought creator. Growing up among cameras and photographs, papers, color pencils, and brushes and paints, she developed her ability to draw and create from youth. During the 10+ years that she has worked to build her art toy brand "Lxs Gordis" she has been able to work and experiment with multiple materials. In her workshop, she has found a space where she is happy and can enjoy the craftsmanship of every one of her creations, and with each one, she hopes to astonish and bring happiness to people.


Myke Winter

He is an industrial designer from Puebla, who specializes in toy and children's product design by the IED, Madrid. He has participated in rehab projects elaborating teaching material and board games.

In Puebla, he currently has his own studio where he does toy, product, and character design, customizes, personalizes, and produces art toys. He also gives clinics where he shares design techniques and processes. He has exhibited his work at events like Minino Fest, Me Lleva la Huesuda. Five Points Festival in N.Y. and Toy Con UK in London, among others.


Jenny Cherry

Artist | Art Toy Designer | Digital Designer


Mr. Robot

 I am Mr. Robot. Sometimes I also call myself Mr. Fox. My work is often colorful and vibrant. I like to create based on cartoon aesthetics to achieve atmospheres of madness, heartbreak and noise. Inspired by Disney classics and old cartoons, I always seek to translate my dream world into my work.


Bussypusy | Liz



Jimena Espinosa

Creative and graphic designer with more than 12y experience building brands & products and now doing it as an independent @Monday_creativeteam in Mexico City. 



Freelance photographer located in Mexico City whose Photoplastika project seeks to elevate photography to expressive capacities that transcend the register and discover the discourses and myths on which our daily-urban-life is sustained.


The process is based on intuition, intrusion, juxtaposition, and surprise, caused by the photographer's daily life.


Orlando Montiel

Orlando is an award-winning creative director, with over 15 years in advertising, responsible for campaigns for a myriad of brands and products.

During all this time, his passion for art and visual culture helped him to develop a project that he will launch in 2021, in conjunction with a renowned visual artist, which mixes elements of Hermetic knowledge with Avant Garde fashion, called ENIC: Enlightenment Industries Clothing.


David Hernández

He has anMBA with MA Communication Design, line in Information Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, in England. He worked at Foote Cone and Belding México (today FCB Draft) for brands such as Banorte, Domino's pizza, General Motors Distributors, New Zealand Milk, American Airlines, Mercedes Benz among others.


He did art direction, design and illustration for independent magazines and his graphic work has been exhibited in group shows in London. He has worked for civil associations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. In addition, he has been a college professor since 2009 in communication and design schools and his work has been awarded multiple times.


Fabiola Villela



Scott Bokma

Scott Bokma was born in Columbus, Montana in July of 1976. He grew up in the surrounding areas of Billings and Big Timber – a true one-horse town. Eschewing horses and rodeos in favor of art galleries and cafes. Scott escaped to Seattle in 1995 to attend the Art Institute of Seattle, where he received an Associate of Applied Arts degree, and then began his career as a graphic designer. In 2014, wanting to see what the east coast had to offer, he moved to Brooklyn, NY. Missing the west coast and wanting to slow things down a bit, he moved to San Francisco in 2020.


Consumed by his visions, you'll find Scott compulsively scribbling seemingly otherworldly renderings in the first step of obeying his muse. The manifestation of this process never disappoints nor fails to surprise Scott, and he dares not guess what his muse has in store for him next.


Gaby Esquinca

Born in Mexico City in 1988. As a kid, she showed interest in drawing, painting, and art in general. She has a Masters in Illustration and is part of "The meaning of life", a collective of Mexican illustrators with whom she has exhibited in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in Mexico City, painting to contribute to good causes.

She currently works as an online art, branding, animation, and illustration consultant for clients worldwide. She is a college teacher of animation and audiovisual production and is establishing her own publishing house.


Cara de niño

Originally from Mexico City, he is a self-taught artist interested in marginal art and punk. His works include themes such as death, ineptitude, and the ridicule of the morbid. They are a combination of innocence and horror, far from reality and perfection. In them he reflects his interest in underground graphic arts and DIY, with a preference for traditional illustration.
His influences range from collectives such as Le Dernier Cri and Ediciones Joc Doc, to artists such as Neckface, Craoman and Abraham Díaz.



Arturo Vargas Robles (born 1981 in Toluca, Mexico) is a Mexican musician, Advertising Art Director and album cover artist for bands in the metal scene worldwide.


Angel Onofre

Angel Onofre is a Chicago artist with a BA in Animation from Columbia College Chicago. His style can be described as disturbingly cute, merging gross horrific details with happy adorable characters. Much of his inspiration comes from monster movies, comics, and cartoons. He has been selling comics and art at conventions throughout the Midwest for the past 8 years. Outside of conventions, he consistently shows his work at various art shows. He is also an animator at Chewy Software, LLC where he has worked on projects for Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, ABC Mouse, LeapFrog, Hasbro, and Fisher-Price among others.



Besoner, has collaborated with various editorial and television publications, contributing his personal experience as an exponent of Mexican street art, being a benchmark of said movement, as well as participating in various national and international art exhibitions.
He currently works at the Gelattina agency as Art Director for brands such as Jeep, Telcel, Canon among many others.


Alan Toloache

He is a graphic communication designer, his detailed-oriented watercolor and stylograph work is influenced by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Gustav Doré, Sandro Botticelli, and Saturnino Herrán.

Most of his illustrations reflect the principle of capturing nature's intrinsic beauty and the juncture applied to the arts and sciences. In his free time, you can find him drawing, playing video games, drinking coffee, and tending his garden. 


Mimo Zider

Illustration - art toy - digital world






2d illustrator and animator from Queretaro, since he was little, he was drawn to art, his hobby of drawing and coloring something that he enjoyed very much led him to experiment with different techniques that he found on his way to enter the world of art, this has allowed him to enrich his personal work as an illustrator, producing large format murals, easel painting, traditional drawing, digital illustration and 2d animation.

His work can be very simple or very colorful and seeks to transmit emotions and feelings that anyone can experience daily through the creation of characters, settings or textures. He is constantly evolving in this world full of uncertainty, his work can be found on group exhibitions, walls, books, posters, short films, official merchandise for both bands as well as personal projects.



Born in Mexico City, she studied Graphic Design. Her work is constantly evolving while still seeing life full of color and different opportunities for representation regardless of the size of the canvas where she seeks to express a feeling and a message.

Dedicated to design, painting, tattoo design, photography, drawing and walls. Giving in each work the representation of life and death with the help of various wild animals and plants full of color and movement, with a use of brush and aerosol, as well as the work of digital techniques in his various projects.


Bruno Smith

I am Bruno Smith, I am 23 years old, and currently studying Graphic Design. I am passionate about illustration since it gives you the freedom to create and design what you want and how you want it. You can transmit many things.

For a long time, I have a great admiration for illustration. I have been designing for a short time, but I love doing it and I hope that with time I can improve my work and explore new forms and programs. The days that I am not designing, I am dancing, since I like dance, especially contemporary and aerial. I really like to observe what is around me such as architecture, people, and flora as they inspire me to create new and interesting things.


El Hooligan

Industrial designer. I have always been attracted to sculpture and painting. When I discovered the world of art toy, I immediately felt identified with this art form's pop culture aspects. It became even more personal when I started customizing toys.

With 10 years of customizing pieces for different brands, I have done more than 100 pieces that have found a home worldwide. I have participated in custom series for Kidrobot's Dunnies among great Mexican artists to promote the local art toy scene, with extraordinary reception from collectors. I am also designing and producing new art toys that will bring to life my own ideas. 



Graphic designer, head art at VMLYR in Mexico City. Developing human, comic, anime, movies, video games, art toys, and pop culture lover.


rallon | Ivan Aguirre

I am rallon, designer and visual communicator by UNAM college, focused on designing characters immersed in illustrations that tell stories. In my free time I model figurines and from time to time I do animations.


El Hooligan

Industrial designer. I have always been attracted to sculpture and painting. When I discovered the world of art toy, I immediately felt identified with this art form's pop culture aspects. It became even more personal when I started customizing toys.

With 10 years of customizing pieces for different brands, I have done more than 100 pieces that have found a home worldwide. I have participated in custom series for Kidrobot's Dunnies among great Mexican artists to promote the local art toy scene, with extraordinary reception from collectors. I am also designing and producing new art toys that will bring to life my own ideas. 

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